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Design & Layout Services

Design, layout, and/or photography services are available for printed materials, online promotion, and project organization. Examples of Design Projects:

  • chapbookS or magazineS

  • stickers, magnets, business cards, postcards, etc.

  • large poster or banner

  • stickers, magnets, business cards, postcards, etc.

  • annual reports and fact sheets

  • google templates

  • small business websites

Design services are billed separately from facilitation, project direction, and/or printing services. All design services adhere to strict timelines negotiated upon contract. Designers always need adequate time to find the best printing deal for you. Please have all written copy edited and finalized before submitting for layout design. (This will save you time and money!)

Raina recommends using local printers and will negotiate printing costs and gather quotes for you. Software such as Adobe Creative Suite and web platforms such as Squarespace or Wordpress will be used to promote your project or event. Additional printing costs and domain costs may apply. Clients receive all native files and all original photographs at the end of their contract or as needed.

Facilitation & Teaching

With over 10+ years of experience in feminist dialogues, lesson planning, and facilitation, Raina hopes to inspire creative and meaningful conversations that are transparent and productive. Multiple teaching strategies will be used and pre & post program evaluation is available.

A typical workshop includes an introduction with visuals, small group break-out challenge, discussion circle, and next steps. Raina uses a circle-style setup, visuals, manipulatives, games, time outside, handouts and other communication tools to engage all types of learners. Lesson planning, handouts, and other design elements are included in overall facilitation contracts.  

Raina has facilitated many groups including:

  • Facilitated writing groups

  • Creative writing classes

  • FICTION & NONFICTION workshops

  • Yoga & mindfulness classes

  • community change dialogues

  • Spiritual/RITUAL SPACES



  • WORKSHOPS FOR Children & TeeNS

Coaching & Project Direction

Do you have a big idea?

Let's make it happen. Life coaching and project direction services for individuals and team members include in-person meetings, goal setting, visioning, and other preparations needed to help you make a major changes and stick to them. Tarot card pulls will be used to guide some of these sessions.

Raina has coached:

  • Teaching teams

  • education & prevention professionals

  • individuals making career moves

  • nonprofits & Small Businesses

  • Special Events Teams

  • PROFESSIONALS or teams experiencing BURN-OUT