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Readings     Tarot readings use archetypal stories and divination techniques derived from 14th Century images from across the world. Readings help us gain perspective on love, life, career, family, and more. Readings by Amy Raina include a divination pull and reading asking about your past, present, and future. We'll use a classic tarot deck and possible other decks and oracle cards as well. Typically these readings happen in local coffee shops, but the querent may also want to choose a more private setting. This can be negotiated during scheduling. All readings include tea and treats. 

Parties     Looking for a tarot reader for your next event? Party readings include a "Femme Fortunes" table with a crystal ball, sage, and multiple tarot decks on display. Guests sign up for readings and experience a 5-15 minute intuitive reading with Amy Raina. The Guest of honor receives a longer reading during the party or earlier that day. Perfect for birthday, graduations, halloween parties or unique events. 

Writing & Learning Tarot Workshops     These unique workshops led by Amy Raina will give a history of the tarot deck and lead students through a training of intuitive practices, meditations, and writing activities. We'll discuss the archetypes of the major arcana cards and practice reading and interpreting the four suits of the deck. We'll primarily learn from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, drawn by artist Pamela Coleman-Smith and modeled after the Tarot de Marseilles deck, one of the first hand-painted decks from Marseilles, France in the 14th Century. We'll compare this deck to other modern decks and work to find students the right deck for their divination practices. 

Tarot Mentoring    Mentoring includes one on one, in-person meetings with Amy Raina as a divination coach. During our time together we will discuss the practice of reading tarot, trusting your intuitive talents, setting life goals, and routines that enhance psychic abilities. Whether you're reading for yourself, for friends, or looking to create a side business, this will help you gain confidence in reading card combinations on the spot and trust your intuition during readings. If desired, you'll also be coached through maintaining a meditation practice, and/or professional tips in starting your tarot business. 


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I’ve had many readings from Raina and I’m surprised every time. I always learn something new and it always helps.
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